Skincare Series: skoah Facial (Part 1)

skoah facial

Part 1 from a facial series with skoah. skoah facial review, how to get glowing skin, and my new skincare routine.

skoaholic (sko-ah-haw-lic) noun

A frequent visitor of skoah.

A lover of sweet skin facials

A connoisseur of skoah products

A few weeks ago, I came across skoah in the Oak Forest neighborhood of Houston. They are a Vancouver-based facial company that uses a holistic and personal approach to skincare. The sweet owner, Lauri, offered me a series of 3 facials for a completely honest review- she said I could write what I truly felt and really encouraged me to be completely raw/real with the results. 

I wanted to work with skoah because although my skin has always been pretty clear, I definitely find flaws in it with dark spots (from places I’ve picked at my skin), milia (tiny white bumps), and occasional breakouts (especially when I’m stressed). I also wanted to refine my skincare regimen with effective, plant-based products. So, this series is going to highlight my honest review of skoah services and products.

My skincare goal is pretty simple: be confident enough to not feel like I have to makeup regularly.

The skoah Facial

When I went in for my first skoah facial, there was a handwritten note on the bed and the whole studio is a beautiful clean, open space. skoah does a great job of putting details in the little things (they also happily refrigerated my smoothie while I had my facial done). 

I changed into a robe, got into the heated bed, and my skin care trainer Elaini (love her) explained every step of the “facialiscious” (the facial type I got) process to me. First she cleansed my face with the Gel Kleanser ($28), and then used their Tonik ($28), the Aha exfoliation mask ($42), did some extractions, and finally finished my face off with the Dewlux Face Kream ($80). Each product does something different, but they are all plant-based with tons of high performance active vitamins, minerals, and peptides.

The quality of their products and the way they feel was actually 10/10… If there was 1 product I would say is worth the splurge, it would be their Dewlux Face Kream. It smells and feels so dang good, y’all.

skoah Tips

The ladies at skoah Houston really know their stuff and gave me a lot of great tips.

Some of the best ones I want to share with yall:

  1. If you are popping something on your face, use the tips of 2 Q-Tips rather than your fingers! This cushions the skin and is much more sanitary.
  2. Apply your skin products lightest to heaviest.
  3. Always tap in serums to activate peptides.

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Overall, I LOVED my skoah facial. I can tell when I leave a facial and my face feels too oily or too concentrated, and to be honest, sometimes I don’t see a huge difference the next day, but I truly saw a difference immediately after my skoah facial. My skin felt so firm and soft even the next day after I had washed it!

Skoah facial

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Until next month, I’ll be using purely skoah products in my skincare routine to see if I notice a difference. I will keep you all updated and talk more about skoah memberships in my next post! In the meantime, if you are curious about skoah packages, you can check out their website here.

Also, please let me know in the comments what questions you would like answered in the next post of this series!! (Anything and everything!)


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