Remi Teeth Whitening Review

Remi Teeth Whitening Review

A new, millenial, budget-friendly teeth whitening option! Check out my review of my Remi Teeth Whitening Kit and some information about the process:

Remi Teeth Whitening Kit

I’ve always wanted to get my teeth whitened just to add a little sparkly *oopmh* if you know what I mean, but professional teeth whitening is so expensive! A few weeks ago,a brand called Remi reached out to me and offered for me to try their teeth whitening kit to see what I honestly thought of it. So, after trying my Remi kit for 1 month, I wanted to share my review with you all as well as a little more about the process!

Remi teeth whitening

The Process

My Remi kit came in the mail with the above components: two sizes of teeth molds, molding putty, and a return envelope. You choose the size of mold that fits your mouth best and then fill it with putty and sink your teeth into it, letting it mold for 4 minutes. I thought this was going to make me gag or be super uncomfortable but it actually wasn’t bad at all! The putty was totally flavorless and it didn’t leave any residue in my mouth.

After you set your mold, you siply put the mold with the putty still into it in the return envelope and ship it right back!

Remi teeth whitening

 This is what my mold looked like! Once the Remi team got it back (and I got email updates throughout this entire process), they turned them into plastic retainers and sent them back to me with 2 tubes of whitening gel (see below).

Remi Teeth Whitening

For 2 weeks out of the month for 3 months, you simply fill the molds with some whitening gel and sleep with them in…it’s seriously so easy! I did notice that if you fill the molds with too much gel, it will seep into your mouth and it actually tastes pretty acidic, so just be mindful that less is more when using the gel! I also clean out my retainers ASAP in the morning and wash them well with my toothbrush so they don’t stain.

My Review

After just 1 month (so two weeks of wearing the retainers), I could definitely tell a difference. It wasn’t a huge difference, but my teeth were definitely brighter after using the Remi teeth whitening kit. Overall, I was super happy with how easy this process was! I wore a retainer anyways, so this was a great way to keep my teeth straight while wearing one anyway! I’m super excited to continue the process for the next 2 months and hopefully will see an even better difference! Feel free to comment if you’d like me to keep you updated!

If you’re looking for a more affordable teeth whitening option and aren’t in a huge rush for results, I would definitely reccommend Remi! They truly are a modern, millenial company that caters to those of us who don’t want to spend a ton on teeth whitening and also need an easy process! The company is also so cute and I LOVE their packaging!

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions about my experience or anything else! Happy teeth whitening!


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