Quarantine Skincare Tips & Regimen

Quarantine Skincare Tips

Quarantine skin care tips to keep your skin healthy and fresh! Skin care tips for wearing masks, helpful skincare products, and how to avoid stress breakouts.

Quarantine Skincare Tips

If you’re anything like me, quarantine has done a number on your skin. With an overall increase in stress from all of the current events, to the physical build-up and grime that comes with wearing a mask, our skin can definitely be taking a toll during this season. 

Quarantine Skincare Tips

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I worked with my favorite facial place in Houston, skoah (recently open for businesses again), to come up with a list of things to help maintain my skincare routine during quarantine.

Top Tips for Skincare during Quarantine:

  • Stick with a cotton mask if possible. This will be the most gentle on your skin.
  • All masks absorb our oils so be sure to moisturize daily, or multiple times a day if needed.
  • Wash your mask every few days (with water or gentle, non-scented soap).
  • Masks do trap grime and sweat, so if you are breaking out, try using products with zinc oxide in them.
  • Use calming cleansers to so you don’t stress our your skin on top of the other stressors we are already experiencing! (products with copper peptides are good for this)
  • If you’re doing at home workouts or getting sweaty on walks, be sure to give your skin a little cleanse with a gentle wipe if you aren’t showing right after.
  • Take advantage of this time at home to wear less makeup and give your skin a break!
  • Lastly, stick to your regular good skincare habits – be sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and get good sleep!

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Skincare Products

If you’re looking for some products that fit the descriptions above, be sure to check out skoah! They just released their kleansing balm, which is a great product to deep clean while also moisturizing!

I also use their aha mask, dream kream, and gel kleanser as part of my daily skin routine. I can’t reccommend their products enough! And if you live in the Houston area, be sure to check out skoah in Oak Forest for help with buying the right products in store or for getting an amazing facial! (They make great gifts, too!)

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions!! (Anything and everything!)


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