Natural Remedies for Anxiety: 3 Ways to Stop Panic Attacks Naturally

Natural Remedies for Anxiety: 3 Ways to Stop Panic Attacks Naturally

How to Stop Anxiety/Panic Attacks Naturally in 3 Ways. How I got over my anxiety without medication and centered on Faith and Wellness…

I recently decided to introduce some blog posts about anxiety to help share with others how I got over my panic attacks by using natural remedies for anxiety. I’ll go into detail about how I stopped having panic attacks through natural anxiety treatments and found natural anxiety relief.

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At a time, I thought my panic attacks would rule my life forever, and I did not want to have to be on anxiety medication to deal with them. I was determined to find natural remedies for anxiety. I’m blessed to say that although I still get anxious sometimes, I haven’t had a panic attack in months and feel like that’s permanent. While I’m not sure if these will work for everyone, they worked for me, so I’m happy to share them with anyone else struggling!

Natural Remedies for Anxiety:

3 things helped me get over my panic attacks: prayer, cortisol-reducing supplements, and diet.

  1. Prayer/Meditation

    I know some readers of this may not be religious, but truly, prayer and my faith are what freed me from the hold of my anxiety first and foremost (if you aren’t religious, meditation has also helped me a lot). I have prayed about my anxiety, but often in those moments, I couldn’t even think to really turn to God. Sometimes I would remember to pray, but it didn’t always instantly work. In the good, non-panic moments of my life, I talked to God about what I needed and I realized it was actual trust. I could pray to God to make it stop, but I needed to 100% actually trust in Him, in good times and bad, and do some soul-searching to turn more of my life into constantly feeling his presence. For me personally, this has provided more comfort and help than I can express into words.

One of my favorite verses to remember throughout the day is Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for all He has done. Then, you will experience a peace that transcends all understanding and will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.”

I try to pray and meditate first thing in the morning when I wake up to really start my day off on the right foot and gain grounding. Being in a more constant state of presence with God has helped calm me down so much.


  1. Natural Supplements.

    Secondly, I began taking plant-based supplements (capsules filled with ashwaganda, rhadiola, and shatavari). This is in no way sponsored, but I buy mine (called SuperYou supplements) from Moon Juice, but you can find these at many different health stores. Those ingredients are herbs that have been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years and are known for their calming and cortisol (aka stress hormone) lowering effects. I truly believe they help reduce my anxiety overall, which in turn, has helped stop my panic attacks. I came across several comments in the reviews for the SuperYou supplements specifically that said they cured others’ anxiety and panic attacks, and at this point I was willing to pay for a bottle and try it. I am a believer in natural healing as opposed to prescribed medication so I felt they were a good choice for me and they have really lowered my cortisol and overall stress. I continue to take them and love them! (This is in no way an ad or sponsored- I wish haha). If you are interested in trying SuperYou, you can get $20 off your first order with my code here!

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3. Cutting Out Coffee.

The last thing I did to stop having panic attacks and cure my anxiety was cutting caffeine (mainly coffee) out of my life. If you read that and thought “Oh heck no, I could never”, I feel you. I almost thought I would rather have panic attacks than give up my morning cup of coffee- I truly enjoyed it and loved the taste, but I was willing to try it. The first two days were rough, but I no longer miss it or think about it. I still occasionally have decaf lattes and matcha is my jam now!!! (I know matcha has caffeine, but it’s clean energy doesn’t affect me the same way). Since I’ve stopped drinking coffee, I have felt so much more calm overall. I no longer feel jittery and stressed all day.

Food is medicine and what you put into your body directly affects you. Having coffee (or multiple coffees) every day was feeding my anxiety, spiking my cortisol, and messing with my hormones. Caffeine isn’t necessarily harmful to everyone, and some people think having coffee every day is actually good for you, but for me, putting stimulants into my system first thing every morning was doing a number on my anxiety. Giving it up was 100% worth it.

stop panic attacks naturally

Morning Matcha

I am not a doctor, but these 3 things helped me stop panic attacks naturally and I do believe they would help anyone experiencing anxiety or panic attacks. There are many other things you can try in addition or instead of these techniques! CBD is another anxiety relief technique gaining popularity.

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Definitely consult with a doctor if you are feeling symptoms like this, but if you ever need someone to talk to, have any other questions for me, or would like to know more about my story (read it here), please feel free to contact me! And remember, you are not alone!

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  1. September 6, 2019 / 1:35 am

    Coffee stresses. I never get people who absolutely live by it and claim not to be addicted.

    Good post

    • September 9, 2019 / 5:29 pm

      I used to think I had to live by it! Now I know I can’t! Thank you for reading! Xx

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