My G-Plans Program Review

G-Plans Program Review

All about the G-Plans App and Program and how it can help your health journey. Here is my review after trying out the app for myself!

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My G-Plans Program Review

As a health and wellness blogger, I love sharing new discoveries that have been a part of my health journey or that I think would make a health journey easier. I recently came into contact with a company called G-Plans and wanted to share it with you all!

Let me just say off the bat, this revolutionary health app has been used by TONS of celebrity clientele from movie stars to athletes, including: The Kardashian/Jenners, Alex Rodriguez, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Mariah Carey, and more…this alone had me extremely intrigued and I wanted to try it for myself!


G-Plans is a personally curated meal program backed by science created by Dr. Philip Goglia. G-Plans uses research from elite peer-reviewed journals such as Harvard and the University of Oxford to back the product they are giving out. It takes place in the form of an app so it’s easy to access and retain!

The basis of G-Plans nutrition programs are to meet your goals (weight loss, weight gain, consistency, etc.) through nourishment, NOT calorie counting – another big selling point of this app for me! I am BIG on living a nutrient-dense, intuitive eating style rather than focusing on calories.

Main points of G-Plans:

  • Free quiz that helps you identify your metabolism type
  • Weekly meal plans from hundreds of recipes tailored to you
  • Allows you to track your food, exercise, and health goals IF you want to!
  • Provides an easily curated grocery list for you

Makes grocery shopping so much easier!


The first step in getting your personalized meal plan is to take the online quiz. You can personalize any allergies or dietary restrictions you follow and after that, the program is done for you! I truly couldn’t believe how easy it was! It’s also only 14 questions and easy (actually fun!) to complete.

The G-Plans program quiz asks detailed questions about your overall habits from a holistic point of view, focusing on both the present and the past! I resonated SO much with the perspective of the quiz. Not only that, but it even asks you questions about your lifestyle/demographic outside of your health habits (i.e. relationship status, time management) to get you a REALISTIC meal plan for your life!

Once you take the quiz, you can choose to pay for your personalized meal plan that accompanies your quiz results (right now the plans are $39 off of $80). I highly recommend this because unlike meal plans that are the same for everyone, it is customized to YOUR body and metabolism type, to help YOU reach your goals in the most effective way.

Every body is different, so I applaud this company acknowledging that through personalized health plans. It is truly a game changer!



I was so excited to download the G-Plans app and get my account set-up after taking the quiz (I also love that this is an app rather than a print-out because it’s just so much easier to keep handy and use!

The app does let you view some recipes and select a few you like! All of them are easy to make and sounded AMAZING! The app then adjusts the recipes to the perfect portion size for your body shape/goals (I have never seen a nutrition plan do this, it was honestly incredible!) and gives you a categorized grocery list as well as snack options!

Items on my grocery list included things such as almonds, avocados, tofu, black beans, buckwheat, quinoa, apples, sweet potato, cabbage, carrots, green beans, tomato, etc. You even have the option to implement grocery delivery right from the app!

I keep the grocery list pulled up in my shopping cart!

So easy to check things off!

I also noticed in the app that there is a feature to create your own recipes coming soon! I love this option because I create a ton of my own healthy recipes that I would like to incorporate into my meal plans as well!

The first recipe I made from the app was the Banana Bread Oats (it only took 10 minutes!) and they came out amazing (see the recipe below, I added cinnamon and almond butter on top!)

Recipe from the app with nutritional info!

To summarize, the app goes above and beyond to help you keep your health all in one place. It does all of the following and more:

  • Serves as a place to organize and plan your meals
  • Has a progress tracker with body measurements (if you want to log them)
  • Also does water and exercise logging
  • Weekly coaching tips from Dr. Goglia
  • Option to create recipes into your own meal plan (this feature is coming soon!!)

It’s similar to a Fitbit, but instead of analyzing workouts, it customizes your meal plan to help you actually meet your goals!


As someone who loves trying different health programs, it can be hard to find one that works the best FOR YOU. Like I said before, all bodies are different, so what works for someone might not work for another person (which can be frustrating!) and I have found myself in the past taking bits and pieces from multiple programs.

With the G-Plans program being tailored based on your personal quiz results, it is so much more than a generic fitness program. It really goes deep into helping you find what will work for you. And if you need additional help, there are a lot of videos, tips, and tricks within the app to keep you on your way!

Whether you do this for a week, two weeks, or for months at a time, I truly believe this app can help build you up for success on your health journey.

If you try the app or program (see here), let me know what you think!

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Xx, Natalie


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